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Hi everybody!


As all members and you who regularly visit our site already know, it was a while ago since we had any official activities in SIS Malmo / Lund. This state has by no means changed, but a few faithful members have continued the Godchild-project with the six Indonesian children sponsored by SIS Malmo / Lund in Banda Aceh on the island of Sumatra. These sponsored children and their families were hit hard by the great tsunami disaster of 2004.

The representatives of the SIS Malmo / Lund-project now wish to continue the voluntary sponsorship of these six children and therefore appeal to the public for support. All monetary gifts are documented and donated with the amount in full, to the children in Aceh. We have no administrative costs as all the work, including the work of our representative in Aceh is completely voluntary.

Follow this link to read more about the project.

Anybody (members as well as non-members) are welcome to contribute with material.
Material can consist of all sorts of things, from photos, travel experiences, short stories, essays etc. It should have one thing in common though, Indonesia! Also expatriots both Swedish and Indonesian are welcome to contribute. Do you have a specal interest that you want us to convey?
Don't linger!


Please e-mail the material to: webmaster_sisml@yahoo.com and enclose your contact information. Feel free to phone me on working days between 18:00-20:00 (Swedish time) on telephone number +46 (0)46 240 30 87.

Kind regards, Andreas



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News and announcements



SIS Malmö/Lund's Godchild Project in Aceh 2011:

Siti, Rizka, Naziratur, Nabila, Mahrul and Fatah with their teachers in front of the school in Banda Aceh.

The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö / Lund has six sponsored Indonesian children in Banda Aceh in Sumatra. We collect money to pay for the schooling of these children, who all became victims of the tsunami disaster of 2004. They belong to a large group of people with small means, who could not afford to go to school without our help. We contribute to school fees, school uniforms and school books.

SIS M/L has a representative in Aceh, the architect Yuri Raharjo, who previously studied at the Faculty of Engineering at Lunds University, LTH, in Lund. He ensures that the money GOES RIGHT and does so on an entirely voluntary basis, that is, free of charge. All donations to the cause will go uncut to the children in Aceh, as we, SIS Malmo / Lund, do not deduct any administrative costs whatsoever.

The project has so far been very successful. Therefore, we will continue to raise money for the school year 2011. If you want to contribute some money - Make a bank transfer to SIS Malmö/Lund's account at SPARBANKEN ÖRESUND, Clearing Number: 9300 (formerly Sparbanken Finn), Account Number: 0071118061.

When making the transfer, please enter your telephone number in the Message Box and we will send progress reports every year, or call Nuraeni & Sigvard, Phone: +46 (0)46-12 24 73.

Scholarship handover from The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lunds's representative, Yuri Raharjo, on the right in the picture.



SIS Annual Meeting 2006

  Tid: Lördagen 27 Maj Kl. 15.00  Plats: Scaniaparken, Malmö

It is soon time for our Annual Meeting 2006 so prepare yourselves and try to come up with good ideas on what we want do this year!

For further information regarding the Annual Meeting, see the information at the Swedish or the Indonesian language sections of this web-site!

At last a link to the web-based community of Indosweden has been added to our web-site! Indosweden has for a long time been an informal meeting place for many members of the Swedish-Indonesian-Society Malmö/Lund's most inner circle. In this way it is our hope that more of our members and support members can make themselves up-to-date with the latest news in and about our organization, not just the official information but also that of a more informal character. Read more...

New bank giro by December 2005:

At an extraordinary board meeting 2005-11-29, the following decisions were unanimously made:

1.) Close the plusgiro-account and instead open a bank account in the name of the society at Sparbanken Finn. The new bank account number is: 9300- 007.111.806-1. The owner of the account: SIS Malmö/Lund.

2.) The already fund-raised money; SEK 8.703;- will be transfered to the new bank account (sparbankskonto) at Sparbanken Finn.


The symbol of the Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lund (ie the SIS Garuda) has been updated in order to comply with the current logotype.

New on the web-site of SIS Malmö/Lund are the valuable links for them who are in need of quick translations of words or sentences from one language to another. Read more...

In addition to the guestbook, an official video archive and photo archive have been respectively added to the web-site! These are currently available for the public and it is our wish, that the members of SIS Malmö/Lund themselves, actively will be contributing with pictures, videos, tips and by all means articles or causeries connected to Indonesia and Sweden. These can for the better be sent to the Webmaster. But before you mail me your large pictures or computerfiles, please contact me first so that my e-mail account won't crash.



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During the years we have participated in several cultural events and occasions, organized by both the cities of Malmö and Lund, and by ourselves. For example with dances and cultural shows at Folkparken in Malmö, on May 15th 2004, and at "The Cultural Evening in Lund", on September 18th 2004.

Other highlights among the organization's past activities is for instance the much appraised book donation to the Malmö City Library , on October 11th 2003, where almost one thousand childrens books where donated by Gramedia , Indonesia's largest publisher, in which SIS Malmö/Lund acted as initiator and intermediary.

Another donation that SIS Malmö/Lund took from it's own funds, is the SEK 10.000 , which was sent on May the 3rd, 2005 to the Indonesian Red Cross ( Palang Merah Indonesia ).

The decision was made at an extra-held board meeting on January 2nd, 2005, where it was decided that the organization should help and send aid to the victims of the tsunami-torned areas in Indonesia. The donation in january, went directly to the humanitarian programs in the province of Aceh and was a first step in a series of projects that SIS Malmö/Lund is about to carry out.


** SIS Malmö/Lund has also started in raising funds for the building of an orphanage and a school in Aceh (North Sumatra) , with the goal of raising SEK 300.000. The entire amount of your contribution will go to the help. No administrative fee. The drawings/blueprints to the orphanage and the school is made by Swedish and Indonesian architects. For further information about this and other projects please contact the Board.


Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lund has once again participated in Kulturnatten held in Lund. The performance was held on September 17th, at Stadsteatern, Folkets hus, Lund. Like most cultural events that evening in Lund, it was open house for the public. Watch the entire SIS Malmö/Lund performance on video or scroll our new photo archive!

For upcomming activities click here!


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The Board

SIS Malmö/Lunds Board was appointed at the Annual Meeting on April the 2nd, 2005, and consists of:

The Board :
Additional Boardmember

At the annual meeting the newly appointed board, appointed a committee for culural and social activities consisting of the following members:

Committee for Cultural & Social Activities:
Committee CSA:1
Committee CSA:2
Committee CSA:3


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About SIS & History

The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmo/Lund (SIS Malmo/Lund) was founded 1994 as an independent daughter organization to the Swedish-Indonesian Society (SIS), With Headquarters in Stockholm. Later on, SIS Malmo/Lund which is located in Skåne (Skane) ie. in south of Sweden, became fully independent from Stockholm and is now acting solely on it's own.


The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmo/Lund is a non-political an non-profit organization with it's main interest in Indonesia, comprizing of approximately 50 families. To tighten the bonds between Swedish and Indonesian citizens in Sweden and abroad, as well as to nurish and promote Indonesian culture, is what the organization strives for.


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Become a member!

Are You thinking of becoming a member? The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lund is open for all people and if You have the slightest interest in Indonesia, You have definitely come to the right place! Furthermore are You living in the region of Skåne, You have without doubt found the right thing! Our members have both formal and more informal meetings with the stress on getting together and have a laugh and a nice time.

Do You want to become a member or do You know someone who wants to? In that case, please contact Jari Brinkell, our secretary.

The membership fee is currently SEK 50 per person or SEK 100 per family.

The membership fee can be paid to our postal giro account no.: 8341806-1.

Mark the inpayment membership fee, and don't forget to write your name, address and telephone number.


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Contact SIS Malmo/Lund

Common inquiries and suggestions regarding the Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lund can be put to the Chairwoman's email address, i e putriwijaya@yahoo.com or to:

The Swedish-Indonesian Society Malmö/Lund
Chairwoman Nureini Ranawidjaja
Hallonstigen 1, 227 38 LUND
Telnr/Phone. 46-46-122473

Questions regarding this website of SIS Malmö/Lund are made to the Webmaster , i e Andreas Åman.


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